Muslim Doctor Fired From Ohio Clinic For Threatening to Purposely Give Jewish Patients Wrong Medication Loses Residency in California

As previously reported, a Muslim doctor was fired from a Cleveland, Ohio clinic after it was discovered she bragged she would purposely give all Jewish patients the wrong medication.

Lara Kollab, 27, was a supervised resident at the Cleveland Clinic — she must be one of those ‘moderates’ we keep hearing about.

“Hahha ewww… ill (sic) purposely give all the yahood the wrong meds…” Kollab posted in a January 2012 tweet.


“Yahood” is Arabic for “Jew.”

According to reports, Kollab’s medical license remains active; her license was issued in Cuyahoga County in July 2018, it is valid until June 2021.

Lara Kollab is on the move and was given residency in California.

Kern Medical in Bakersfield, CA released a statement Monday announcing they notified Dr. Kollab that her position as a Post-Graduate-Year 1 resident in the Internal Medicine Residency Program has been withdrawn effective immediately, following an article by The Lakewood Scoop that reported the Bakersfield clinic was offering Kollab residency.

“Kern Medical has determined that Dr. Kollab breached her Match Participant Agreement when she submitted information that was false, misleading, and incomplete to Kern Medical during the interview and match process,” the statement read.

Kern Medical’s statement on Dr. Kollab, via Pamela Geller:

Lara Kollab has also posted many tweets where she defended Hamas terrorists and supported Islamic terrorists.

All of Lara Kollab’s tweets have been deleted, but you can read her full list of hate tweets here.

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