JUST IN: Bill Barr to Hold Press Conference to Discuss Mueller Report at 9:30 AM ET

Bill Barr

Attorney General Bill Barr will hold a press conference to discuss Mueller’s report at 9:30 AM ET.

DAG Rod Rosenstein will be with Bill Barr and accompany him on Thursday morning, according to NBC.

Update: Bill Barr will release Mueller’s report, with redactions, after his press conference.

Attorney General Bill Barr released a summary on Mueller’s “principal findings” on March 24th which revealed the special counsel concluded Trump’s campaign did not conspire with the Kremlin during the 2016 election.

Mueller left it up to Bill Barr and Rosenstein to decide whether Trump obstructed justice or not — Barr concluded Trump did not obstruct justice which sent the Democrats and their media sycophants into a tailspin.

Mueller’s report will be released to Congress and the public Thursday with color-coded redactions.

A previous leak by Mueller’s angry Democrat donors indicated Mueller’s report may be more damaging to President Trump than Barr revealed.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said he expects Mueller’s report to be damaging to Trump because the investigation was conducted by a team of Hillary/Obama donors who wanted to remove Trump from office.

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