Gregg Jarrett: Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe Should be Indicted (VIDEO)

FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett tells Sean Hannity that Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Andrew McCabe should be indicted.

Jarrett added that James Clapper and John Brennan should be indicted for lying under oath to Congress.

Gregg Jarrett: Let’s talk about Hillary. Paying for Russian information to feed to the FBI to interfere with an election. That in my book is a crime and I can think of several different crimes.

Sean Hannity: Let’s go through, so is Comey…


Gregg Jarrett: James Comey is in so much trouble I can’t even count. Stealing government documents, some that were classified!

Sean Hannity: Will McCabe be indicted?

Greggg Jarrett: Absolutely… I think Brennan and Clapper should be charged with lying.

Via Hannity:

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