Gillette Venus Celebrates Morbid Obesity in New SJW Ad Promoting ‘Beautiful Women of All Shapes and Sizes’

Procter and Gamble is at it again.

Gillette Venus decided the best way to sell razors and shaving cream to women would be to celebrate morbid obesity in its new advertisement promoting ‘women of all shapes and sizes.’

Gillette Venus posted a photo of a morbidly obese woman in a bikini at the beach named “Anna” and said the company is committed to representing beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.

“Go out there and slay the day 💪🏼 📸 Glitter + Lazers” Gillette said in its caption.


The razor company celebrated the woman’s obesity in a follow up tweet, “Venus is committed to representing beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and skin types because ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown. We love Anna because she lives out loud and loves her skin no matter how the “rules” say she should display it 💙”

People who are morbidly obese, which is defined as being 100 pounds over his/her ideal weight, increase their chances of getting many different types of cancers.

Super morbidly obese women are 7 times more likely to develop endometrial cancer (cancer of the lining of the uterus) than normal weight women.

Obesity is not something that should be promoted or celebrated.

Gillette went full SJW in January when it decided to run ads trashing men and “toxic masculinity” — now Gillette is glamorizing morbidly obese women.

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