George W. Bush-Appointed Judge Attacks Bill Barr – Accuses Barr of Sowing Public Mistrust with Mueller Report Handling

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton blasted Attorney General Bill Barr on Tuesday during a hearing on a FOIA lawsuit demanding access to Robert Mueller’s report.

“The attorney general has created an environment that has caused a significant part of the public … to be concerned about whether or not there is full transparency,” the judge said, according to Politico.

Although Walton, a George W. Bush appointee criticized Barr, he blocked BuzzFeed’s request to issue a preliminary injunction requiring the DOJ release Mueller’s report by Thursday.

The Democrats and their stenographers in the media were stunned on March 24th when Attorney General Bill Barr released a 4-page summary of Mueller’s “principal conclusions” on the Russia investigation and concluded that Trump did not conspire with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller also left it up to AG Barr to decide whether Trump obstructed justice — No collusion and no obstruction, Barr concluded.

Attorney General Bill Barr is making redactions to Mueller’s 400-page report in compliance with the law on grounds of grand jury secrecy, with the help of the special counsel.

Barr will be releasing Mueller’s report to Congress and the public this Thursday morning.

This isn’t good enough — the Democrats and media sycophants want to see Mueller’s report without redactions.

Judge Walton is actually considering whether to order the government to give him an unredacted copy of Mueller’s report so he can assess whether Bill Barr’s redactions were proper…REALLY??

Via Politico:

“We’d be dealing separately with the report,” said Judge Walton. He also said he’ll want to consider whether to order the government to give him an unredacted copy of the report so he can assess whether the redactions are proper.

“That’s something we will have to work through. I’ll have to think about it,” he said.

Walton said he hopes any disputes will be limited because the Justice Department makes the bulk of the document public.

“I would hope that the government is as transparent as it can be,” the judge said.