Former Pence Aide Josh Pitcock Responds to Reports FBI Officials Wanted to Use Him to Infiltrate Trump Transition Team

Vice President Mike Pence and former Chief of Staff Joshua Pitcock

Vice President Mike Pence’s former Chief of Staff Josh Pitcock responded to reports that the FBI, through his wife who worked in the bureau’s CI division, wanted to use him to infiltrate the Trump Transition team.

Pitcock released a statement on Friday and said his wife, who worked with Peter Strzok in the counterintelligence division of the FBI, had recused herself from all work “touching on the 2016 presidential campaign or candidates.”

Pitcock continued, “Her recusal continued after the campaign ended, through the Transition and during the Administration, and she was not a part of any counter-intelligence division activities having to deal with Russia or the President.”

Pitcock referred to a text exchange between Peter Strzok and his paramour Lisa Page about “Katie’s husband” – a text that was referring to Pitcock himself, and said, “to be clear, I have no knowledge of what Strzok and Page were discussing and why.” Pitcock added, “I had no contact with either Strzok or Page during the 2016 campaign, transition or while serving at the White House. I took zero actions on their behalf. There was no infiltration through me or my wife.”

Screenshot of full statement:

The wife of former Chief of Staff to Mike Pence Joshua Pitcock was working for Peter Strzok and investigating into Hillary Clinton’s crimes.

This comes after it was reported on Thursday that lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were “cultivating sources” to spy and inform them on President Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence is taking this report very seriously and called for further investigation into the attempted infiltration into the Trump Transition team.

  • “I was deeply offended to learn that two disgraced FBI agents considered infiltrating our transition team by sending a counter intelligence agent to one of my very first intelligence briefings only 9 days after the election,” Pence said in a statement to Axios. “This is an outrage and only underscores why we need to get to the bottom of how this investigation started in the first place.”
  • “The American people have a right to what happened and if these two agents broke the law and ignored long-standing DOJ policies, they must be held accountable.”

Republican Senators Johnson and Grassley, the chairman of the Homeland Security and very powerful Finance committees, respectively, want to know if Obama’s Deep State crooks spied on Trump’s transition team (they did) and sent AG Bill Barr a letter Thursday demanding a briefing on the DOJ’s probe.

The Republican Senators highlighted text messages sent between Strzok and Page and their potential attempts to conduct surveillance on then-President elect Trump’s transition team.

This is huge.

“In text messages exchanged between former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and former FBI Attorney Lisa Page, the two discussed the possibility of developing “potential relationships” at a November 2016 FBI briefing for presidential transition team staff,” Grassley and Johnson wrote.

Pence’s former Chief of Staff’s wife’s connection to Peter Strzok also raises questions into the briefing Pence received on General Flynn’s (illegally) unmasked phone calls to Russian Ambassador Kislyak, among other issues.

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