Exclusive: Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó Seeks Assistance from Trump Admin to Evict Code Pink Radicals from DC Embassy

Since April 14th the pro-Taliban, pro-Iranian, pro-Marxist organization — Code Pink — has been occupying the People’s Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC.

Code Pink, a Marxist front group, supports the suffering and collapse of order under the communist regime in Venezuela. The people are starving and millions are fleeing to neighboring countries. Code Pink supports the fascist, communist government that created this nightmare for the Venezuelan people.

On Sunday The Gateway Pundit received a report from our confidential source inside Venezuela that President Juan Guaidó is aware of Code Pink and the radical Socialists occupying the People’s Venezuelan Embassy In Washington D.C.


The Guaidó government is in communication with US officials and is urging the Trump administration to have these radicals evicted.

Code Pink has no concern for the suffering of the Venezuelan people due to the evils of socialism.

The Venezuelan people renounce and reject everything Code Pink advocates, and finds their behavior reprehensible.

The Juan Guaido Government is horrified by these people.

More inside information– Juan’s people thought this was a comedy troop at first, until reading Gateway Pundit’s extensive and well documented coverage of Code Pink.

The news is Code Pink will be removed, and the Venezuelan people feel victimized by Code Pink mocking their extreme suffering.

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