Evidence Shows Obama Deep State May Have Unmasked Trump Business Associates as Early as the Spring of 2015!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

New evidence shows that Obama’s Deep State was spying on Trump business associates as far back as the spring of 2015.  This was the same time candidate Trump decided to run for the Presidency.  These individuals may have been unmasked at the same time!

The Wall Street Journal reported in July 2017, shortly after the Mueller investigation started, the following [emphasis added] –

Investigators are re-examining conversations detected by U.S. intelligence agencies in spring 2015 that captured Russian government officials discussing associates of Donald Trump, according to current and former U.S. officials, a move prompted by revelations that the president’s eldest son met with a Russian lawyer last year.

Revisiting this report provides much information not only on what is said, but what is not said. 

When the CIA wiretaps foreigners, sometimes Americans get caught up in the spying. That is called “incidental collection.” Because the CIA is bound by the Constitution, the information concerning that American citizen must be blacked out.

NBC News reported in March 2017 the following exceptions to covering up the identities of Americans which is referred to as ‘unmasking’  –

If there is incidental collection of information by or about an American, that information is usually blacked out in any intelligence report that is generated. However, the American’s name and what he or she said, or what was said about him or her, can be “unmasked” if there is evidence of a crime, or if the information is needed to understand the foreign intelligence.

We know that the Trump business associates noted by the Wall Street Journal were spied by in the spring of 2015. This is long before the Trump Tower meeting [that many now believe was a set up by Obama’s Deep State FBI and DOJ] which occurred on June 9, 2016, and was widely reported by the far left Mainstream media.  This was about the time Donald Trump announced his bid for President.

The business associates of candidate Trump were unmasked at least by the time of the Wall Street Journal article, July 2017, just by the fact that they’re identified as “associates of Donald Trump”. Otherwise, they would say something like “American 1,” “Male-1,” etc.

The fact that the Deep State was “re-examining” records indicates that the individuals were spied on and perhaps unmasked at about the same the time President Trump began his 2016 Presidential campaign.

So whoever those unmasked individuals were, they had nothing to do with Team Trump, they were only Trump the businessman, because Trump didn’t have a Team Trump at in the spring of 2015.

Additionally, those individuals would have had to be involved in some sort of crime in order to be unmasked.  If no crime had taken place then the unmasking was illegal – what was the crime?

The Obama Deep State are criminals – they’ll do anything!

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