EPIC! Veteran-Owned Black Rifle Coffee Trolls Creepy Hands Biden in Viral Video

Veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee trolled the heck outta creepy hands Biden in a video that went viral Friday.

The chickens are coming home to roost for former Vice President Joe Biden after years of groping women and molesting prepubescent girls out in the open.

Former Democrat lawmaker Lucy Flores opened the flood gates of #MeToo accusers after she came out and shared her story of how Joe Biden “inhaled her hair” and inappropriately touched her back in 2014.

Ever since, the memes have been flying — President Trump even joined in on the trolling and tweeted a video of Biden sniffing his own hair in a post on Twitter.


Black Rifle Coffee, who is known for their quirky, over-the-top advertisements, lit up Twitter on Friday with this epic video that has thousands of comments and re-tweets.

“Make sure Uncle Joe doesn’t get near your Black Rifle Coffee.”


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