EPIC! AG Barr Shuts Down Rude Liberal Reporter Pointing at Him – Accusing Him of Protecting President Trump (VIDEO)

Attorney General Bill Barr held a press conference Thursday morning to discuss the Mueller report and take some questions from reporters.

Barr made it clear that President Trump did not collude with the Russian government during the 2016 election — this angered the sycophantic reporters who hate Trump.

As expected, the ‘reporters’ acted more like Democrat activists and fired off a series of biased questions, many of them accused Barr of protecting President Trump.

Mueller’s report hasn’t even been released yet for public consumption, but these arrogant reporters acted like they were the smartest people in the room.

One rude liberal reporter pointed her finger at Barr as she accused him of protecting President Trump.

Barr shut her down.

The reporter rattled off a series of Democrat talking points and told Barr that he has made remarks that are “quite generous to the President” as she pointed at him.

Barr told the reporter that the remarks he made about President Trump’s anger and frustration about Mueller’s investigation actually came from Mueller’s report (that she hasn’t even seen yet).

“You’re saying he faced an unprecedented situation — it just seem like a lot to go out of your way to acknowledge–” the reporter said.

Barr interjected and asked, “Well is there another precedent for it?”

“No.” the reporter replied.

“Okay, then ‘unprecedented’ is an inaccurate description, isn’t it?” Barr said as he moved on to the next question.


Laura Ingraham blasted the dim reporters.

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