CNN Melts Down Over Barr Press Conference – Calls Barr’s Presser “An Extraordinary Political Commercial For the President” (VIDEO)

Attorney General Bill Barr held a press conference Thursday morning to discuss the Mueller report and take some questions from reporters.

Barr made it clear that President Trump did not collude with the Russian government during the 2016 election — this angered the sycophantic reporters who hate Trump.

As expected, the ‘reporters’ acted more like Democrat activists and fired off a series of biased questions, many of them accused Barr of protecting President Trump.


Fake News CNN melted down and piled on Barr following his presser.

CNN had EIGHT people discussing the Barr presser — all of them are liberal Trump haters.

All eight people on CNN’s panel agree with each other — talk about diversity!

CNN’s chief legal analyst (LOL) called Bill Barr’s presser “an extraordinary political commercial for the president.”

CNN spent years peddling Trump-Russia conspiracy theories and now they have to face the music.


Glenn Greenwald blasted CNN!

Eric Trump trolled CNN. “Fun to watch” CNN melt down, said Trump.

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