Chicago Newspaper Uses Antifa-Linked Sources – Portrays Crooked State’s Attorney Kim Foxx As “Victim”

The Chicago Sun-Times published a story on April 27th attacking the Proud Boys, a far-right men’s group led by a person of color, in a desperate attempt to conflate the group with actual racists who showed up to protest crooked State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for her handling of the Jussie Smollett hate-hoax.

Writers Tom Schuba and Matthew Hendrickson authored the write-up, which relied on sourcing from several individuals with ties to alt-left groups like Antifa. In it, they paint the Proud Boys in the same light as actual confirmed racist groups like Identity Evropa. They cite a random Twitter account, Panic! at the discord, which is known to doxx alleged racists on Twitter, a practice that is against the platforms terms and services.

Throughout the propaganda piece, the duo claim that the Proud Boys are basically indistinguishable from dangerous racist groups, but fail to recognize that the group is led by an Afro-Cuban entrepreneur and populated with a large share of minorities in their ranks. This is a tired game that mainstream media hacks like Shuba and Hendrickson play, where anyone who doesn’t adopt the Antifa world-view is somehow a “Nazi” or “evil racist.”

The protest documented in the article from the Chicago Sun-Times follows the police union organized demonstration against Kim Foxx, who famously dropped over a dozen charges against washed up Empire actor Jussie Smollett related to his faking of a hate crime against himself several months ago. The protest was attended by a wide-variety of groups, including the Proud Boys. The entire article’s intended purpose seems to paint the majority of people protesting Ms. Foxx as racists, therefore lending her victim status with an extended on-the-record quote from the corrupt State’s Attorney.

While Shuba and Hendrickson go to great lengths to condition readers into believing that the Proud Boys are “just like” actual suspected racists who showed at the event, their thesis is incredibly thin and littered with so-called evidence from disgraced organizations like the SPLC. The SPLC has been exposed by former high-level employees who document how the organization maintains a racist work environment, all the while labeling anyone to the right of Karl Marx as “racist” or “extremist.”

They even printed an unverified quote from cop-hating alt-left political activist Tom Rainey, detailing a supposed encounter he had with a member of the Proud Boys. They did so describing Rainey as an anti-fascist activist who was allegedly swatted at by a member of the Proud Boys, yet fail to disclose Rainey’s history of assaulting police officers during a violent anti-cop demonstration in 2017. Mr. Rainey, like the Antifa linked Twitter account used for source material in the Chicago Sun-Times article, has been known to associate with dangerous alt-left groups in the Chicago-area.

Both Shuba and Hendrickson refused to respond to a series of questions about their alleged associations with radical alt-left groups, failing to deny on record any affiliations or relationships they may have with organizations like Antifa. They also failed to respond to a questions about their “off-the-clock” relationships with violent anti-cop activist Tom Rainey.

Similarly, their editors failed to explain why the Chicago Sun-Times has deemed an Antifa linked Twitter account, the SPLC and Mr. Rainey as credible sources. The writers and editors refused to explain why they spent such a great deal of time attacking the Proud Boys, and more importantly, why they failed to disclose that the group is led by a person of color and count a significant amount of minorities in their membership.

Antifa was exposed yesterday for allegedly conspiring with Mexican drug cartels to traffic firearms across the border in an attempt to foment a violent insurrection in response to President Trump’s hard-line immigration policies.

Local news coverage of the write-up feature a photo of Proud Boys with the fear-mongering headline “White Nationalists Target Chicago,” with Schuba again failing to disclose that the Proud Boys are led by a person of color and have a history of standing against actual racism during his appearance on Chicago’s WCIU.

Tarrio pointed to a recent interaction members of the Florida chapter of the group had with Whoopi Goldberg, where they exchanged in a peaceful dialogue outside her Sarasota, FL event, which he says shows how his group and members of the MAGA movement are able to engage in peaceful dialogue with political opponents instead of resorting to violence like Chicago Sun-Times source Tom Rainey.

“We do not stand for racism of any kind. We love the hell out of America and what it means to be an American. Defending western values is our top priority. Socially awkward soyboys like Shuba and Hendrickson have to hide behind their roles as journalists in attempt to avoid responsibility for their lies. When these types of people are confronted in person or in the court through legal means, it’s amazing how cowardly they become.”

At the time of publishing, the Chicago Sun-Times has failed to respond to multiple requests for comment.


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