Bill Barr Puts Dem Senator Grilling Him About Mueller Report in His Place, “I am Obviously the Attorney General” (VIDEO)

Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)

Attorney General Bill Barr appeared in front of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Wednesday to discuss President Trump’s 2020 budget request for the DOJ.

Democrat Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD) grilled Bill Barr about his summary report of Mueller’s “principal conclusions” that revealed Trump did not collude with Russia during the 2016 election.


Senator Van Hollen lost his cool and became frustrated with Bill Barr after repeatedly asking how he concluded Trump did not obstruct justice.

Barr didn’t flinch as he held his ground and refused to answer the Democrat Senator’s questions about the Mueller report that is still in the process of being redacted before it is released to the public.

“You sent a letter to the United States Congress that included something which was a principal conclusion, which was not a conclusion reached by the Mueller report,” Van Hollen said. “You indicated that they did not exonerate the president — you did. And so I’m asking you whether you agree with Mueller that there were difficult issues of law and fact in making that assessment.”

“That’s not a question I can really answer,” Barr said as Van Hollen became more unhinged and interrupted him.

Van Hollen continued to brow beat Barr as he desperately tried to get the Attorney General to admit there is something sinister in the Mueller report in regards to Trump obstructing justice.

Barr dug in his heels, “I’m not going to discuss my decision — I will lay it out after the report is out.”

Van Hollen lost it.

“Mr. Attorney General, the thing is, you put this out there,” said Van Hollen. “The president went out and tweeted the next day that he was exonerated. That wasn’t based on anything in the Mueller report with respect to obstruction of justice, that was based on your assessment, that was on March 24. And now you won’t elaborate at all as to how you reached that conclusion. I’m not asking about what is in the Mueller report, I’m asking about your conclusion.”

“It was the conclusion of a number of people including me and I am obviously the attorney general,” Barr replied.

“I don’t know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion,” Barr said to Van Hollen when asked if Mueller supported his conclusion.

Barr is reportedly going to release the Mueller report with redactions next week and he is scheduled to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 1st and the House Judiciary Committee on May 2nd.


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