Bernie Sanders: Let Convicted Felons in Prison Vote

Senator Bernie Sanders this weekend said at a town hall in Iowa that states should give convicted felons currently behind bars the right to vote.

Bernie’s home state of Vermont and fellow New England state, Maine currently allow convicted felons to vote in prison.

At a town hall meeting in Muscatine’s West Middle School gymnasium Saturday, the Socialist Vermont senator was asked whether felons behind bars should have the right to vote, the Des Moines Register reported.

“In my state, what we do is separate. You’re paying a price, you committed a crime, you’re in jail. That’s bad,” he said. “But you’re still living in American society and you have a right to vote.

“I believe in that, yes, I do.”

Bernie Sanders’s fellow 2020 Dem hopeful Elizabeth Warren also recently said she supports giving felons released from prison the right to vote — Warren said of felons in prison, “I think that’s something we can have more conversation about,” the Des Moines register reported.

Iowa and Kentucky allow felons to vote if a governor grants them permission, the newspaper added.

The lawless Democrats are looking for another voting bloc — convicted felons in prison, to add to their list of ‘disenfranchised voters’ which include illegal aliens, welfare recipients and minorities.

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