Attorney for Nigerian Brothers: They Stand By Their Testimony That Jussie Smollett Staged a Hate Hoax (VIDEO)

Gloria Schmidt, attorney for the Osundairo Brothers, laughed out loud at the continued lies by Jussie Smollett and his attorneys tonight on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Schmidt said the brothers stand by their testimony that this was a staged hate hoax by Smollett. The brothers regret their role in the hate hoax. Their attorney also said the Osundairo brothers are not homophobic, not racist and they are not anti-Trump.

Tucker Carlson: Gloria thanks so much for coming on. So you heard that suggestion that your clients without the knowledge of Jussie Smollett attacked him while wearing white-face make-up. Did they?

Gloria Schmidt: (laughing) It’s preposterous on top of ridiculous or her to come out and say that.

Schmidt says the brothers are done with their testimony and are ashamed of their role in the hoax.


Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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