Arrogant Obama Speaks in Berlin: “Michelle Would Leave Me if I Ever Ran For Office Again” (VIDEO)

Former President Barack Obama arrived in Berlin Friday to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel at her office in private.

On Saturday, the Obama Foundation held a town hall with young civic leaders in Berlin.

Obama went back to his roots as a community organizer and said, “You can’t organize a community if you don’t have a community.”

At one point, arrogant Obama told the crowd that his wife Michelle Obama would leave him if he ever ran for office again.

“I’m not here to support any political party. I’ve held my last political office. The Obama Foundation is non-partisan. Michelle would leave me if I ever ran for office again,” Obama said.


Donald Trump’s White House victory in 2016 was a direct repudiation of Obama’s disastrous presidency — of course he’s too arrogant to ever admit that.

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