WTH? Former Trump Lawyer Ty Cobb Praises Dirty Cop Mueller as “American Hero”

Why does everyone in DC praise Robert Mueller as if he’s royalty? 

Ty Cobb, the high-powered Washington attorney who represented the White House as dirty cop Robert Mueller expanded his unconstitutional witch hunt into Trump Russia collusion told ABC News he considers Mueller “an American hero.”

Mr. Cobb said he does not believe Mueller’s investigation is a witch hunt.

“I don’t feel the same way about Mueller,” Cobb said in an extensive interview for the latest episode of ABC News’ podcast The Investigation. “I don’t feel the investigation is a witch hunt.”


“I think Bob Mueller’s an American hero … even though he came from an, arguably, privileged background, he has a backbone of steel. He walked into a firefight in Vietnam to pull out one of his injured colleagues and was appropriately honored for that. I’ve known him for 30 years as a prosecutor and a friend. And I think the world of Bob Mueller. He is a very deliberate guy. But he’s also a class act. And a very justice-oriented person.”

Via ABC News:

At times, Cobb clashed with his former White House colleagues over legal strategy, advocating dignified cooperation that led the administration to share thousands of documents with Mueller’s team and made officials available for interviews. But the team only was able to proceed with that strategy because Trump agreed with it, Cobb said.

“I was the one that advised it. But the president did make the decision,” Cobb said.

“In my first nine-and-a-half months … I was able to prevent the president from going on the attack against Mueller,” Cobb said. “It wasn’t really until Dowd sent out a critical tweet of Mueller and Rudy joined the team that the president felt unleashed.”

Cobb said Trump’s approach shifted in part because he was growing increasingly frustrated by the way the investigation was eating into his presidency, particularly as he sought to pursue a foreign policy agenda. For a time, the instinct of the president’s lawyers was to try and persuade him that the investigations would soon be over, Cobb said.

“But it’s never going to be over,” Cobb said. “I mean, this is going to go through 2020. And if the president is reelected, it’ll go beyond that.”

Ty Cobb left Trump’s legal team in May of 2018 after he was reportedly uncomfortable with the Mueller tweets because he didn’t want to be a part of a “mudslinging campaign.”

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