This is Rich: National Zoo in Washington DC to Build More Fences to Enhance Security — But No Fence Allowed on the US Border

Lucy the orangutan at the National Zoo in Washington DC. (Flickr)

The National Zoo in Washington DC announced construction of new fencing and gates to boost security.

This comes the same week that Democrats and 12 turncoat Republicans refused security barriers at the US southern border.

Neither the National Capital Planning Commission, DC Historic Preservation group nor the Commission of Fine Arts objected to extending the walls and closing entrances.

You just gotta love the hypocrites in Washington.
WTOP reported:


Good fences make good neighbors, and Smithsonian’s National Zoo is hoping to continue making the place a neighborly place to visit by adding more fences throughout the zoo to increase visitor safety.

New fencing and gates are being proposed at the National Zoo, specifically to fill the gaps where the current fence separates North Road from the pedestrian area of the zoo.

Zoo officials will return to the National Capital Planning Commission with the revised perimeter fencing plan on Thursday.

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