Ted Malloch: Nellie Ohr Appears to Have Had a Heavy Hand in the Creation of the Russia-Trump Dossier

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

Information continues to pour out from the House Intelligence Committee as interviews are released.

Read Congressman  Collins’ newly released transcript here.


The transcripts expose what exactly the FBI knew, what they claim they didn’t know, and what they intentionally kept hidden from the public.  These new revelations reveal much about CIA agent (and Fusion GPS employee) Nellie Ohr and her husband, Bruce Ohr, the FBI agent contracted by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS.

It turns out that Nellie was more than just an extra hand here, another point-of-contact for Fusion.

In fact, it seems that she may have had a heavy hand in the creation of the dossier.

In a memo released by the House Intelligence Committee, Nellie Ohr was notably “employed by Fusion GPS to assist in the cultivation of opposition research on Trump.”

The memo continues to detail how Bruce Ohr “later provided the FBI with all of his wife’s opposition research.”

So, what exactly was Nellie’s role?

Is she no longer this peripheral figure as we previously assumed?

Is she at the very heart of the hunt for Red November?

Could Nellie have been right in the middle, the one actually completing the research for Christopher Steele?

How was she connected to John Brennan and was he the real point man on this whole deception?

A larger question looms: when and how did the FBI learn that Nellie worked for Fusion GPS? And why did they stall in releasing this information?

More curiously, new information has now been leaked regarding Bruce Ohr, as well.

As we know, he met with Glenn Simpson before the election, but now it seems he also met with Simpson many times after the election.


Was it to get their story straight after Clinton lost? Or was it to recalibrate their plot to subvert President Trump?

In the aftermath of Steele’s dossier going viral online around the world and becoming the centerpiece for water cooler gossip in D.C., one has to wonder, could this all be just a distraction from something more serious?

In a news analysis, Cas Mudde, an associate professor at the University of Georgia, reports on the absurdity of the Democrat inspired investigation and goes so far to call it all a “farce.”

Mudde writes that, “the Russia-Trump collusion story might be the talk of the town in Washington, but this is not the case in much of the rest of the country.”

As with most narcissistic politicians in D.C., they like to bump their own gums and surround themselves with stories about themselves.

But, as reported in Consortium News, “Out in flyover country, rather, Americans can’t figure out why the political elite is more concerned with a nonexistent scandal than with things that really count, i.e., de-industrialization, infrastructure decay, the opioid epidemic, and school shootings.”

This is right: in the months following the 2016 election and Trump’s upset, a major rift in America was exposed.

That deep divide has only gotten worse.

All these pundits, polling officials, mainstream media talking heads—and even Hillary Clinton—all thought that what was important to them in D.C. and other major metropolis areas was exactly what was important to the rest of the country—as if the minority spoke for the majority of America.

And look how wrong they were with all their predictions for who would win the election.

Now, look how out of touch they are assuming that the entire American population cares about their unproven Russia-gate story/hoax.

Sure, there is a large portion of people who do care about it—but they care about it because the fake news media tells them to care about it.

This is the danger in this type of thinking: As society disintegrates, the only thing the Democrats have accomplished with all their blathering about Russkis under the bed is to demonstrate just how cut off from the real world they are, But who’s to blame?

The media, the public, or the intelligence committees?

Perhaps it’s a combination of all three.

Ted Malloch is the author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

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