SUV Loses Control on Freeway – Almost Crashes Into President Trump’s Motorcade (VIDEO)

Image via Zero Hedge

A black SUV lost control while driving on the freeway and crashed into a center divider just as President Trump’s motorcade passed by in Opelika, Alabama on Friday.

President Trump traveled to Lee County, Alabama on Friday to tour the tornado damage and visit families affected by the violent twisters that ripped through the area last week.

ABC posted a video from an eyewitness who captured the footage on Friday.

A black SUV was driving southbound along interstate 85 when the driver lost control and slammed into the center divider — just seconds later, President Trump’s motorcade passed by driving northbound.

“Oh my god, right at the president! Are you kidding me? Did ya’ll see that?! Holy smokes! There goes the President of the United States in that car!” and eyewitness exclaimed.

It looks like barriers work! The center divider stopped the SUV from swerving into oncoming traffic and saved lives!


According to local reports, the driver of the SUV was not injured.

The driver of the SUV was supposedly swerving out of the way of a car that stopped or slowed down to watch President Trump’s motorcade.

H/T Zero Hedge