‘SEA OF RED HATS’ Thousands in Line for Trump Grand Rapids Rally (Line started before dawn)

Thousands of red MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters lined up in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the President’s campaign rally Thursday night at the 10,000 seat Van Andel Arena (with an overflow area also set up). Many lined up before dawn according to local reports and attendees. Doors open at 4 p.m. EDT for the 7 p.m. start of the rally.

Several reports describe the crowd as a “sea of red hats”. Wearing the red Trump Make America Great Again hat has made supporters a target of violence and hatred from liberals across the country. That so many are wearing the hat to the Grand Rapids rally can be seen as a sign of defiant support for President Trump, especially so after his being cleared of the bogus collusion with Russia allegations and obstruction of justice by the Mueller probe.

Photo from after 7 a.m. EDT by Eric Brefka, WZZM-TV.


WZZM video report from 6:30 a.m. EDT shows dozens in line on the dark outside the Van Andel Arena.

Video posted by Eric Lloyd with 9and10News shows late morning line.

Laura Cox, Chair of the Michigan Republican Party posted photos from outside the arena Thursday morning.

Reporter Jonathan Oosting of the Detroit News found the line quite long after Noon.

Fox17 reporter Ahtra Elnashar posted photos calling the scene a “sea of red hats.”

Attendee Roy Couch also called the scene a “sea of red hats.”

ABC News reporter Rachel Scott posted photos from outside and inside the arena.

Trump campaign official Tim Murtaugh posted a photo of himself inspecting the arena set-up.

Jason Heeres with WWMT-TV posted video of the crowd from afar (wait for the ending).

Photo from outside the arena by Chris Zoldaz.

Instagram view form the back of the line by Christy Cox

More overhead video of the line by Jason Heeres shows a rock band performing on the overflow stage.

Holland Sentinel reporter Kate Carlson posted video of the line.

Video clips of an interview with Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany by Sinclair’s Mikenzie Frost.

Mid-afternoon photo of crowd by Michigan GOP’s Hannah Osantowske shows the sea of red hats still growing.

To close, a likely winner for the most senior Trump supporter attending the rally.

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