REPORT: AG Bill Barr’s Discussions With Mueller on General Mike Flynn Led to Memo Ending Cooperation

President Trump’s former NatSec Advisor General Mike Flynn has officially completed his cooperation with Mueller’s investigation, according to a status report filed Tuesday.

CNBC reported:

Despite the special counsel’s view that Flynn has completed his cooperation, Flynn remains “in a position to cooperate with law enforcement authorities,” according to the status report.

Flynn may continue to cooperate with prosecutors in Virginia who are investigating his former business partners, Bijan Rafiekian and Kamil Alptekin, ahead of a trial slated to begin in July. The two men have denied charges that they unlawfully lobbied on behalf of Turkey.

But the attorneys wrote that “in the government’s view his cooperation is otherwise complete.”

According to One American News reporter Jack Posobiec, Attorney General Bill Barr, who is overseeing the special counsel’s investigation is the one who told Mueller that there wasn’t enough evidence to keep General Flynn around and to end his cooperation.

Posobiec said that Mueller’s corrupt prosecutor Andrew Weissmann pushed back and wanted to continue to harass General Flynn.

This is an indicator that Bill Barr may actually be reeling in Mueller’s out-of-control inquisition — a stark contrast from Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein.

Watch more from OAN:

General Flynn was ambushed by corrupt FBI officials just days after Donald Trump was sworn into office in January of 2017.

Flynn pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the feds, however, evidence later released proved Flynn never lied to investigators.

General Flynn is facing between zero and six months in jail.

It is now clear that there is one set of rules for Republicans and the working man — And there is another set of rules for crooked Democrats and the elite class.

In December Judge Emmet Sullivan abused and harassed General Michael Flynn in federal court.
Sullivan even suggested General Flynn committed treason for his work with Turkey — a totally unrelated case.

General Flynn did work with Turkey as did the Podesta brothers.

General Flynn filed his forms retroactively.
The Podesta brothers also filed their forms retroactively.

Flynn was accused of Treason — The Podestas are free men with all of their wealth intact.

President Trump should issue General Flynn a full pardon.

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