Rebel Reporter Lara Logan Dunks on Liberal Media Hacks After Mueller Report Released (VIDEO)

Former CBS News journalist Lara Logan unloaded on the mainstream liberal media on Saturday morning following the news of the Mueller Report to Attorney General Bill Barr.

The initial reports say there will be no more indictments by the Special Counsel.

On Saturday morning Lara Logan weighed in on what we know so far from the report.
Lara joined FOX and Friends on Saturday, transcript via Daily Caller:


Lara Logan: My question is this: If charges had been brought against the president, then the headlines would all be screaming about, you know, victory, right, for the left. Vindication. This proves that what the left has been saying is right. Now, no charges have been brought but I don’t see screaming headlines that say this vindicates the president… There is something else that bothers me with much of the reporting on this from the beginning is that you keep seeing high-up, featured prominently in many articles, this line that ‘six members of the Trump campaign have been indicted by the Mueller investigation’ — but you don’t read in the same space right there, nobody writes ‘although none of them were charged with conspiracy with Russia,’ the central question of the Mueller investigation. That always comes way, way, way down further in the reporting.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend:
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