PELOSI’S ANGELS: MS-13 Gang Members Stab 16-Year-Old 100 Times, Set Him on Fire

Nancy Pelosi’s angels (MS-13 gang members)

This must be the “spark of divinity” Nancy Pelosi was referring to when she defended MS-13 gang members.

Five MS-13 gang members were arrested for the murder of a 16-year-old after police discovered a mutilated body near a wooded area in Stafford, Virginia.

According to police, five MS-13 gang members stabbed the teen 60 miles away in Landover Hills, Maryland and then drove to Virginia where they set the teen’s body on fire and dumped his corpse.

Fox 31 reported:

The body of 16-year-old Jacson Chicas was discovered near a wooded area in Rappahannock River,  east of the Fredericksburg city limit around 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

Investigators now believe the gang turned on Chicas, a fellow member, stabbing him about 100 times and setting his body on fire, Prince George’s County Maj. Brian Reilly said at a press conference Friday.

On Thursday, investigators determined that Chicas was killed inside of a home in Prince George’s County, Maryland, during a gang meeting at the home of the clique’s leader on March 8.

At that meeting, for reasons which are under investigation, there was a confrontation, and the 16-year-old was attacked and killed. 

The five suspects, Jose Ordonez-Zometa, 29; Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 20; Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, 18; Christian Martinez-Ramirez, 16; and Jose Hernandez-Garcia, 25, have been charged as adults. They face charges of first-degree murder and other related charges.

The mother of the victim believes her son was targeted for murder because he was trying to leave the gang and they became suspicious of her son and accused him of talking to the cops.

The mother told NBC 4 Washington that her son was forced to join MS-13, an El Salvadoran gang, before they fled El Salvador.

The gang members reportedly threatened to kill the 16-year-old’s family and he told them to kill him instead.

“He had to take knives to defend himself, and screwdrivers,” she told the station. “He had razors and he told me, ‘Mom, I’m going to defend myself with them, but it’s not going to be enough.'”

Why is the US government allowing MS-13 gang members from El Salvador across the border in the first place??

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