NY Daily News Reporter Covering Trump Administration Calls Donald Trump Jr. a “Nazi”

Chris Sommerfeldt, a reporter for the New York Daily News who covers the Trump administration, called Donald Trump, Jr. a “Nazi” in a tweet posted Saturday morning.

Donald Trump, Jr., screen image.

Chris Sommerfeldt, Twitter avatar.

Sommerfeldt was commenting on Trump defending Chelsea Clinton after she was blamed by a Muslim student activist at NYU for the New Zealand mosque terror attacks on Friday because Clinton had recently criticized Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for her anti-Semitism.

Sommerfeldt wrote in reply to Trump, “I did Nazi this one coming”

Sommefeldt defended his slur in reply to criticism by former NYPD officer John Cardillo.

“Hi John, for all your outrage over this, can I get ur take on Don Jr. comparing immigrants to zoo animals & refugees to lethal candy? Can I also get ur take on the President’s refusal to condemn neo-Nazis after Charlottesville & calling Africa a continent of “shithole” countries?”

Sommerfeldt backed up his claims with links to hit pieces by others, none of which come remotely close to equating with herding Jewish people to mass death at concentration camps.

The Daily News ‘about’ for Sommerfeldt reads, “Chris Sommerfeldt is a reporter covering national politics and the Trump administration. He started working for the Daily News in May 2015 as a city desk reporter.”

Sommerfeldt’s LinkedIn about reads, “I’m a Brooklyn-based, Swedish-born journalist covering politics for the New York Daily News. ”

In another era, Sommerfeldt would be fired by Monday and looking for a new trade, perhaps something to do with a field that begins with the letter c and ends in ode. Instead, he’ll probably get picked up as a contributor by CNN or MSNBC.

Bonus: Vacation pic posted by hipster Sommerfeldt:

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