JUST IN: Mueller’s Team Requests Delay, Claims it Can’t Meet Court Deadline

Robert Mueller’s team of corrupt Obama/Hillary donors requested a delay, claiming they couldn’t meet a court deadline.

According to court papers filed on Tuesday in case brought by The Washington Post, Mueller’s team said they were unable to meet a court deadline because of the “press of other work.”

The filing was vague and did not provide any details so it is unclear if the work Mueller’s team was referencing is related to concluding the Russia investigation or if the prosecutors are busy with unrelated matters.

The Washington Post is seeking documents in Paul Manafort’s case — Mueller’s team responded by saying they need until April 1st to respond and ‘consult within the  government,’ AP reported.


Mueller is reportedly wrapping up his corrupt, multi-million dollar investigation and working to issue a final report on Trump although his team if already funded through September.

Mueller’s top prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, a corrupt DC swamp dweller, stepped down last Thursday — many speculate AG Bill Barr gave Weissmann the boot.

Mueller’s report will be very damaging to President Trump and will be used as fodder by the Democrats to attack Trump during the 2020 election cycle.

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