It’s One Big Unhinged Liberal Club: MSNBC Hack Is Now Bullying Reporters on Behalf of DNC

At one time in the not too distant past liberal media hacks pretended they were nonpartisan, individual thinkers and not Democrat party operatives.
Today, they don’t give a sh*t.

In the 2016 election cycle liberal journalists were meeting secretly and dining with spooky John Podesta and Hillary Clinton operatives.
They had to discuss strategy.

Now, MSNBC political editors are harassing and bullying reporters on behalf of the DNC.

Reporter Yashar Ali, from HuffPo and New York Magazine, tweeted out today on how MSNBC politics managing editor was calling to harass him on behalf of the DNC.

Yashar Ali, who is also a member of the liberal club, added this: Dafna, who oversees the political coverage for NBC and MSNBC, was calling to bully me into delaying the publication of an innocuous scoop and at no point did she advocate for her network, it was only about the DNC.


Dafna Linzer via Twitter

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