House Democrats Vote in Favor of Illegal Aliens Voting

On Friday, House Democrats overwhelmingly voted in favor of allowing illegal aliens to vote in local elections.

In a 228-197 vote, Democrat lawmakers opposed a Republican resolution condemning voting by illegal aliens.

Via the Washington Times:

“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and hero of the civil rights movement, told colleagues as he led opposition to the GOP measure.

The 228-197 vote came as part of a broader debate on Democrats’ major legislative priority this year, HR 1, the “For the People Act,” which includes historic expansions of voter registration and access, as well as a major rewrite of campaign finance laws.

The measure would have had no practical effect even if it had passed. Illegal immigrants — and indeed noncitizens as a whole — are not legally able to participate in federal elections.

In July, the Department of Elections issued voter registration forms to illegal aliens to vote for members of the San Francisco Board of Education in the 2018 election.

San Francisco is the first city in California to allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections.

This is just the beginning. The Democrats will take this victory and fight for illegals to vote in state and federal elections as well.

Although it is currently against the law for illegal aliens to vote in state and federal elections, they are voting anyway.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton blasted the House Democrats for voting in favor of illegal aliens voting.

“I estimate at least 900,000 aliens illegal voted in midterms. New numbers out of Texas and Pennsylvania suggest foreign national voting in massive numbers! And leftists in House vote to support illegal alien voting!” Fitton, who has been on the front lines fighting to clean up voter rolls said on Friday.

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