Harmeet Dhillon: Violent Berkeley Thug Who Assaulted Conservative Activist Has Numerous Run-Ins With Law — Told to Turn in Guns to Authorities (VIDEO)

As previously reported, a violent leftist attacked a Turning Point USA activist who was out recruiting for their chapter at UC Berkeley last Thursday afternoon in Upper Sproul Plaza.

The assault was captured on video and posted to Twitter by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

The victim was passing out information about the conservative student group when he was approached by two angry men. After a verbal altercation ensued, he pulled out his phone to begin filming.

On Friday, Zachary Greenberg was identified and arrested by UC Police — law enforcement booked him into jail at 1 PM.


CBS San Francisco reported that police will formally present the case to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of the filing of criminal charges, the university said.

On Wednesday attorney Harmeet Dhillon joined Tucker Carlson to discuss her representation of Hayden Williams, the young conservative who was sucker punched by Mr. Greenberg.

Dhillon told Tucker that Zachary Greenberg has numerous run-ins with the law including previous gun charges.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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