Exclusive by Ted Malloch, on the Mueller Witch Hunt: “It Is Over”

Ted Malloch is the author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

Not only is a majority of the mainstream media out of touch with what the public cares about, but the journalists themselves are out of touch with what real journalism is.

Watch the coverage of the exoneration of the President Donald Trump.

Following Trump’s victory, media outlets across the political spectrum abandoned any semblance of journalistic integrity and engaged in a race to the bottom in attempt to delegitimize his presidency even before it began.

They never stopped and pushed a fake dossier, a fake collusion and a fake conspiracy story — and now it is over.

They have nothing.


The proverbial “Fat Lady “has sung.


And could we expect anything less from them?

These are the same people who read Christopher Steele’s dossier, likely saw it for what it was—pure trash, political smearing at its worst—and decided to forego any basic firsthand research to verify its authenticity, accepted it as truth, and then passed this information along to the public, who rightfully so, assumed it was truth.

After all, as we’ve seen with the so-called experts at Crowdstrike, why shouldn’t we believe them?

They’re the ones looking at the data, analyzing and interpreting the reports to synthesize for us, the layman.

The public shouldn’t have to discern between fact and fiction, between technical jargon and governmental gobbledygook, or between real news and fake news.

These are the very reasons we have specialized positions like lawyers who can interpret the obfuscated language of the law, which is intentionally designed to prevent the layman from understanding it and simply representing themselves in the court of law.

If we could decipher this judiciary code, this so-called legalese, then surely we wouldn’t be subjected to the steep costs of hiring a lawyer for protection.

This same logic applies to government officials and representatives of the media.

They are meant to serve as buffers, protectors of our democracy.

They are the ones paid to sift through the information and weed out the fake news.

Yet, in an ironic twist of fate, the ones who once protected us against fake news are now the ones perpetuating these myths and untruths.

They even weaponized intelligence.

Which begs the question: do we even need them anymore?

With social networks becoming embedded into our everyday lives, where news travels not by ink on the page, but in 140 digital characters, political figureheads, the Donald Trumps of the world, can now reach the general public in an instant, cutting out the middleman journalist.

Disintermediate them.

As we’ve seen with Trump’s explosive Twitter account, these journalists have been upended and the efficacy of their practice has been questioned.

Rightfully so, they’re angry.

Trump has threatened their very existence and the necessity of their profession.

But Trump over- rides them with the click of the button. This new form of instant-gratification news will likely be the only tool to challenge and correct this decline in what used to be called, journalism.

Now we anticipate a Congressional witch-hunt, even after all the evidence was thoroughly examined.

During his meteoric rise to the presidency, Trump became a prime target from all media, receiving unfair, biased treatment from journalists and reporters and members of Congress, but none more disparaging from the left, particularly the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN, who already had their minds set on him and his plans for the presidency and its renewal. Ray McGovern captures the biased mindset of the mainstream media from the start:

“It didn’t even seem to matter when new Russia-gate disclosures conflicted with the original narrative that Putin had somehow set Trump up as a Manchurian candidate.

All normal journalistic skepticism was jettisoned.

It was the as if the Russia-gate advocates started with the conclusion that Trump must go and then made the facts fit into that mold, but anyone who noted the violations of normal investigative procedures was dismissed as a “Trump enabler” or a ‘Moscow stooge.’

It should be clear by now just how dangerous this type of hive mind thinking can be, especially when it begins with the media, the ones who are, by definition, are meant to be unbiased and simply present the facts.

But long gone are the days or neutrality.

This groupthink mentality doesn’t end with the media; it reverberates outward to the American public, creating a further divide among individuals who exist in their own political echo chambers.

On both sides we have talking heads simply projecting their opinions, which confirms their viewers’ positions and reaffirms the protection of their echo chambers.

And yet, if we step away from it, looking at a distance, we see two wildly different stories.

The responsibility is now on the individual to decide what is real and what is fake, or to decide what they want to believe or deny.

It’s like a Rorschach test where the patient sees what they want to see.

This is a dangerous exercise from the mainstream media that threatens American democracy and further exacerbates this rift between D.C. and the rest of the country.

Trump is right, we need to end it and it starts with a coming together for the good of America; and it ends with a prosecution of the liars, leakers and the Deep State.

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