Devout UK Catholic Commentator Under Investigation for Using Wrong Pronoun in Tweet

A British Catholic commentator is under investigation for using the wrong pronoun in a tweet to describe a transgender woman.

Caroline Farrow says the mother of the transgender reported her to police for using the wrong pronoun.

This is coming soon to the US if Democrats get their way.


If Farrow refuses to be interviewed by police for the “criminal action” she will be placed under arrest.

Her children and family are also being harassed for their mother’s “crime.”

The Daily Signal reported:

A Catholic journalist in the United Kingdom faces legal trouble and potential jail time for “misgendering” a 25-year-old transgender woman.

Caroline Farrow, the journalist, said Monday that the mother of the transgender woman had reported her for the offense.

“Had a message from Guildford police tonight about my tweets following an appearance on [‘Good Morning Britain’] with Susie Green and Piers Morgan,” Farrow said in a tweet. “Susie Green has reported me for misgendering her daughter.”

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