Dem Lawmaker Triggered After CNBC Host Caught on Hot-Mic Calling His Talking Points ‘A Crock of Sh*t’ (VIDEO)

A CNBC guest host is under fire for getting caught on a hot-mic calling a Congressman’s Dem talking points “a crock of sh*t).

New York Democrat Congressman Gregory Meeks appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Wednesday to discuss Amazon’s plans to build a headquarters in New York City.

Meeks is one of the Democrat lawmakers who is petitioning Amazon to consider building a headquarters in the Big Apple after the tech giant pulled out of the deal last month.

Congressman Meeks argued on Wednesday that if Amazon were to build a headquarters in New York City, it would have to benefit minorities, “I do believe we got to be inclusive in any deals, though.”


CNBC guest host Sam Zell was cordial and initially agreed with Congressman Meeks, “Same here,” Zell responded.

After the segment was over, Zell didn’t realize his mic was still on because he gave his real opinion, “What a crock of sh*t,” Zell said thinking they cut to break.

CNBC host Melissa Lee’s face was priceless as she tried to make light of Zell’s blunt comment, “Squawk Box, where anything can happen,” Lee joked.


Congressman Meeks was triggered and took to Twitter to complain.

MEEKS: “Sam Zell should explain what about minority inclusion in economic development is a “crock of shit”, and why city’s like NY and Chicago shouldn’t bake those requirements into tax incentives. This is what women and people of color deal with in the corporate board rooms daily at CNBC.”

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