Corrupt Russia Dossier Hoaxer Christopher Steele Allowed to View Sealed, Classified US Documents – That Are Hidden from US Citizens

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The deposition of UK’s former MI6 Spy Christopher Steele was recently released.  Steele was in a court case in the UK for slander related to his famous fake Trump – Russia dossier.   In his deposition Steele confirms that he was able to view and read sealed and classified US information that the average US citizen is not able to see.

In the recent deposition that was released related to Christopher Steele’s testimony in the UK, Steele unveiled something startling.  Steele stated that he was able to review sealed and classified documents from the US:

Steele was able to review the sealed testimonies of Mr’s Bensinger and Kramer. Ken Bensinger is the far-left Buzzfeed reporter that released the slanderous and unverified fake Trump-Russia dossier.  He was provided the phony dossier by Never-Trumper David Kramer who worked for the late Senator John McCain.


Steele also was able to review the testimony to the Judiciary Committee of Mr. Simpson.  Glenn Simpson is the individual who helped create and promote the phony dossier to his far-left compatriots in the media based on a story he had written 10 years prior.  Somehow, Steele was provided Simpson’s testimony as well.

So much for justice and transparency in the US.  It looks like you have to be a UK citizen to be able to see defamatory and slanderous testimonies on the President of the US.

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