Wow! Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson May Revoke Roger Stone’s Bail Because His Book Calling Mueller “Crooked” Is Still on Sale – Despite Gag Order

Corrupt Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson signaled she may revoke Roger Stone’s bail because his book calling precious King Mueller “crooked” is still on sale despite the full gag order she imposed on Stone.

Amy Berman Jackson trampled on Roger Stone’s First Amendment rights when she imposed a total gag order on Stone on February 21st over an Instagram photo he posted.

Now Roger Stone isn’t allowed to insult His Highness, King Robert Mueller otherwise he will be thrown into prison while he awaits his trial.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson wrote in a signed order on Tuesday that Roger Stone’s re-release of a book he published in 2017 which was augmented with a new intro in January of 2019 that is critical of King Mueller, may cause her to revoke his bail.


Even though Roger Stone published the book 2 years ago and listed it on Amazon again on February 19th, two days before the gag order, Amy Berman Jackson may still find Stone at fault and revoke his bond!

Stone’s lawyers filed a motion on March 1st asking Berman Jackson to clarify if her gag order applied to the release of Stone’s book claiming they were asking in ‘abundance of caution.’

Berman Jackson hit back and claimed Stone’s lawyers filed the motion as a public relations stunt to generate publicity.

“I now find myself on Crooked Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s hit list because I’ve advised Donald Trump for the past forty years,” Stone says in his revised intro.

Roger Stone’s revised intro to his book now titled, ‘The Myth of Russian Collusion’

“In either event, there is no question that the order prohibited and continues to prohibit the defendant from making any public statements, using any medium, concerning the investigation. It does not matter when the defendant may have first formulated the opinions expressed, or when he first put them into words: he may no longer share his views on these particular subjects with the world,” the corrupt Judge argued.

“Not while you’re under my supervision,” Amy Berman Jackson wrote, scolding Roger Stone.

The Judge then blamed Roger Stone for the gag order saying it’s “entirely his fault” even though CNN was tipped off to the FBI raid which generated an exorbitant amount of publicity around the case, ultimately giving the judge the argument she needed to gag Stone.

Dirty cop Robert Mueller is gunning for Roger Stone and trying to put him in prison as he awaits his trial.

On Monday, Mueller notified corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson about an Instagram post by Roger Stone that may have violated the very strict gag order she imposed on Stone.

Sunday night, Roger Stone posted an image on Instagram linking to his defense fund that said, “Who framed Roger Stone,” a play on the 80’s movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” (screenshot below)

Stone quickly deleted the Instagram post after CNBC reached out to him about the picture — he may face jail now because under Amy Berman Jackson’s new gag order, Roger Stone is not allowed to criticize King Mueller or any of his corrupt team of Obama/Hillary donors.

The Judge’s strict gag order covers “posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other form of social media,” as well as other forms of communication.

“I’m not giving you another chance,” the judge said, adding, “I have serious doubts about whether you have learned any lesson at all.”

Judge Amy Berman Jackson then ruled, “The defendant may not speak publicly about the case. Period. He may not comment about the case indirectly.”

Amy Berman Jackson said she would jail Roger Stone until his trial if he defies her total gag order.

“Violation of this order will be a basis for revoking your bond and detaining you pending trial,” she scolded. “This is not baseball. There will not be a third chance.”

Roger Stone has until March 11th to issue Judge Amy Berman Jackson a status report “detailing his efforts to come into compliance with the court’s rulings” on the gag order.

Welcome to 2019 where Trump’s associates have no First Amendment rights and are being thrown in jail over process crimes invented by Robert Mueller.

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