Crazed Christchurch Shooter Records Himself Driving to Mosque Before Mass Shooting (VIDEO)

A gunman stormed a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand Friday afternoon and shot and killed over two dozen people.

The gunman livestreamed the mass shooting on Facebook using a Go-Pro camera.

Witnesses said the gunman was dressed in a black military style uniform as he stormed the mosque and began shooting at people.

According to New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush, multiple fatalities occurred at two separate mosques.


Shooter “Brenton Tarrant” posted several tweets before the shooting of his ammo.
He marked his ammo with victims of past Muslim attacks.

The shooter also recorded himself driving to the mosque before he opened fire — his firearms and ammo are seen on the front seat next to him.

At the end of the video he turned the camera towards his face and revealed his identity.

YouTube disappeared the video! CLICK HERE OR IMAGE ABOVE TO SEE VIDEO:


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