Berkeley Assault Victim Hayden Williams Will Press Charges Against Thug Zachary Greenberg (Video)

Berkeley assault victim Hayden Williams, a Leadership Institute field representative who was filmed being punched on the UC Berkeley campus, told Sean Hannity on Monday he will press charges against campus thug Zachary Greenberg.

Greenberg harassed and brutally assaulted Hayden Williams on the UC Berkeley campus

Hayden Williams and thug Zachary Greenberg


As previously reported, a violent leftist attacked Turning Point USA activist Hayden Williams who was out recruiting for their chapter at UC Berkeley last Thursday afternoon in Upper Sproul Plaza.

The assault was captured on video and posted to Twitter by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

Berkeley assault victim Hayden Williams joined Sean Hannity on Monday night. Hayden told Sean he will press charges against thug Zachary Greenberg.

Via Hannity:

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