WTH…? Ex-Sessions Spox is Joining CNN as Political Editor, Helping Coordinate 2020 Coverage

Former DOJ spox Sarah Isgur, Former AG Jeff Sessions

Sarah Isgur, who served as the DOJ spokeswoman under Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now joining fake news CNN as a political editor where she will help coordinate coverage for the 2020 presidential election cycle.

At CNN, Isgur will not play a role in covering the Department of Justice, according to a CNN official, who also said she will occasionally appear on air analyzing politics, CNN reported.

Sarah Isgur never liked Donald Trump and actually defended Crooked Hillary on Twitter during the 2016 election.


“Saying you will criminally prosecute your political opponent when you win is a scary and dangerous threat,” Sarah Isgur tweeted in October of 2016.

The President was not happy when Sarah Isgur joined the Trump administration in 2017 — Another ‘Jeff Sessions beauty.’

Was Sarah Isgur leaking to CNN the whole time she was the leading spokeswoman for the DOJ?

Is CNN rewarding her with a job as political editor for leaking to them while she was working for Jeff Sessions?

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Arthur Schwartz, a political operative who called for an investigation into Sarah Isgur for potentially being a leaker.

Jeff Sessions was a horrible attorney general — he allowed the Justice Department to be hijacked by Deep State criminal coup plotters when he recused himself.

Sessions recused himself from all things ‘Russia’ and ‘Hillary’ day one on the job which allowed for his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint dirty cop Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Because of Jeff Sessions serving as attorney general, we lost his Alabama Senate seat to liberal Doug Jones, ushered in a rogue special counsel who is jailing Trump’s associates on process crimes and preventing the real criminals in the Deep State from facing justice.

Now his former spokeswoman is going to work for fake news CNN — Jeff Sessions, the gift that keeps on giving.

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