Vans Shoe Store Employee FIRED After Telling 14-Year-Old Kid “F*ck You” For Wearing Red MAGA Hat (VIDEO)

A Vans store employee suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) was fired after telling a 14-year-old kid “f*ck you” for wearing a red MAGA hat.

On Sunday, a 14-year-old customer and his mother walked into a Vans store at the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas when one of the employees harassed and cursed at the minor teenager.

The boys mother immediately sprung into action after the employee cursed at her son for no reason — the teen said nothing to the employee; it was totally unprovoked.

“He did nothing to you. What did you say to my son, to my 14-year-old?” the mother said to the employee.


“I’m sure he’s heard it before,” the employee said with a smirk.

“Where’s your manager? the mom asked. “Let’s go,” she said.

As soon as the employee began to walk towards the teen, the mother warned him, “If you touch my child…”

The mother marched right over to the manager and told him that the employee told her son to “take off his hat” then cursed at him.

“My son said nothing to him,” the mother told the manager.


According to the Daily Caller, the employee was promptly fired.

“Our focus is to provide the best customer service experience,” a Vans Corporate employee told The Daily Caller. “We did let this employee go. He is no longer with our company. The actions and comments from this employee at the Oak Park location is in contrast with our values and beliefs.”

“We have taken care of the situation,” she added, describing the employee’s actions as having “harassed a young male with a Trump hat.”

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