Twitter Bans Conservatives For Tweeting “Learn to Code” – But Took No Action Against Accounts Calling For Murder of Covington Teens

Twitter is now banning conservative journalists who tweet these three words: “Learn to code.”

Last week, reporters said they heard through the grapevine that Twitter would begin taking action against accounts for telling people to “learn to code” and now it’s actually happening.

The left-wing social media platform says tweeting the phrase “learn to code” is “harassment.”

Nick Short, a reporter for Security Studies Group was banned from Twitter on Friday for tweeting, “Lawfare flips out after Nunes says reporters covering the Russia hoax will need to learn to code after the investigation is done. Journalists need to learn to take a joke before learning to code.”

Nick Short tweeted a screenshot of the Twitter ban with a caption: “Telling journalists they need to learn to take a joke before learning how to code will now get you locked out of your Twitter account. You won’t be able to access your account either until you remove the tweet in violation of their ever expanding rules.”

Ben Popken, a Communist reporter for NBC said it only took 20 minutes for Twitter to take action against a “sketchy” account who told him to “learn to code” then encouraged other reporters to tattle on Twitter accounts for their “abusive behavior.”

In contrast, Twitter clearly stated that Los Angeles-based DJ Michael Buchanan, AKA ‘House Shoes’ calling for the Covington teens to be burned alive did not violate the Twitter ‘terms of service.

The ‘House Shoes’ Twitter account was reported by hundreds of people after a huge backlash, however; Twitter responded to the reports and said his Tweets do not violate their ‘Terms of Service.’

“Thank you for your recent report. We have reviewed your report carefully and found that there was no violation of the Twitter Rules against abusive behavior,” Twitter said in responses to reports against the ‘House Shoes’ account.

Twitter allowed verified, blue checkmark accounts to call for the murder, targeted harassment and violent assault of minor high school children.

Twitter took no action against Jack Morrissey, a Hollywood Producer who took to his Twitter account and called for the Catholic teens to be murdered in a violent, gruesome manner by being thrown into a woodchipper.

Failed actor and ‘comedian’ Ben Hoffman, who goes by the stage name ‘Wheeler Walker Jr.,’ called for violent sexual crimes to be committed against the minor teens and even offered a reward to whoever can stalk and find the minor child and “punch him in the nuts.”

The tweets posted by ‘House Shoes’ were so egregious that Kenton County Prosecutor Rob Sanders is now investigating him for “terroristic threatening,” a crime that could get the offender 1-5 years in prison.

But don’t you dare tweet “learn to code” otherwise you will lose your ability to tweet.

If we had a functioning Congress, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would be hauled in to testify and the social media platform would be stripped of its section 230 immunity.

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