That Was Quick!… Ocasio-Cortez Pulls Her Lunatic Green New Deal Plan from Her Webpage

Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released information on the Democrat Party’s radical and lunatic Green New Deal on Thursday.

The radical Democrat-Socialist plan will destroy the country in months… if not days.

The plan ends air travel with ocean bridges, ends traditional forms of energy, destroys the US energy sector, ends nuclear energy, mandates all new jobs must be unionized and gives free money for not working.


That’s just part of it.

They also want to get rid of farting cows.

Americans for Tax Reform posted details to the plan.

The plan did not go over well.

And already the plan was taken down.

The Green New Deal Plan was pulled from Ocasio Cortez webpage today.
That was quick.

Via Ryan Maue:

More… Apparently Ocasio-Cortez’s green plan was littered with typos!

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