SICK. Don Lemon Shames Gladys Knight Before She Sings National Anthem at the Super Bowl (VIDEO)


CNN anchor Don Lemon shamed Grammy Award winning soul singer Gladys Knight last night for singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

This is what the liberal media thinks of America.
They now believe it is shameful and immoral to sing the National Anthem.

How awful.


Gladys Knight responded to his grilling with complete class.

Don Lemon: Numerous performers declined to sing at the Super Bowl this year… How do you respond to that?

Gladys Knight: About what they’re thinking? People are going to have their opinions about whatever. And all I can deal with right now is what my heart says… I grew up with prayer in school, singing in school before school started. We used to sing prayer in school before school started. And we just don’t have that anymore. And I’m just hoping it will be about our country, and what we are about, and about the great country that we are.

Gladys Knight sang the US National Anthem last night to rave reviews.

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God bless Gladys Knight!

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