Satan’s Party: Virginia Democrat Kathy Tran Submitted Bill to Save Cankerworms on Same Day She Submitted Late-Term Abortion Bill

Virginia Dem Delegate Kathy Tran

The Democrat party is run by Satan. Full stop.

Democrat Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran recently sponsored a bill that would allow a woman to terminate her pregnancy up to 40 weeks in utero.

When asked if a woman can have an abortion at the time she is in labor and dilating, Kathy Tran responded, “My bill would allow that, yes.”

This means babies could potentially be murdered in the birth canal — truly barbaric.


On the same day that Kathy Tran sponsored a bill to kill unborn babies during the third trimester, including up until the woman is in labor and about to deliver, she also introduced a bill to protect “fall cankerworms.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Democratic Virginia Del. Kathy Tran introduced “House Bill No. 2495 – Fall cankerworm; spraying prohibited during certain months” on Jan. 9, the same day as “House Bill No. 2491 — Abortion; eliminate certain requirements.”

According to Virginia’s Legislative Information System, House Bill No. 2495 is:

A BILL to amend and reenact § 15.2-2403 of the Code of Virginia and to amend the Code of Virginia by adding in Article 1 of Chapter 9 of Title 15.2 a section numbered 15.2-926.4, relating to cankerworms; eradication; prohibition on spraying during certain months.

The Democrats are not only fully embracing late term abortion up until the minute a woman delivers the baby, they are also endorsing infanticide.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) advocated for the murder of newborn babies in a radio interview with DC-based WTOP on Wednesday.

Northam said of Kathy Tran’s bill sponsoring late term abortion, “So in this particular example, if a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

The Democrat party cares more about cankerworms and moths than they do human babies. Let that sink in.

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