President Trump RIPS Paul Ryan for Failing to Deliver Border Wall Legislation in His First Two Years (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on the US southern border on Friday.

The Republican president spoke to reporters in the Rose Garden on Friday morning.
This comes after Congress failed to offer a viable solution to the ongoing crisis on the southern border.

** Obama Declared National Emergencies 13 Times Including Swine Flu, Iran and Flint Water Crisis


President Trump accused Minority leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi of a con-game with the open borders.

President Trump attacked former Speaker Paul Ryan and his failure to pass border security legislation.

Trump: “I’m very disappointed in certain people, one in particular for not having pushed this faster.”

Reporter: “Are you referring to former Speaker Paul Ryan?”

Trump: “Let’s not talk about it. What difference does it make?”

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