President Trump Calls Out Adam Schiff Over His Secret Meeting with Glenn Simpson in Aspen

President Trump called out his nemesis Adam Schiff on Friday morning over his secret meeting with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson last July.

As previously reported, the new Chairman of the House Intel Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had an undisclosed meeting with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson last July at a security conference in Aspen.

In other words, Congressman Adam Schiff was colluding with Russia-dossier-Hillary Clinton-waterboy Glenn Simpson at the height of the Russiagate cover-up.

Award winning investigative journalist John Solomon reported that there are photographs of Adam Schiff, in sport coat and open-neck dress shirt, and Glenn Simpson, wearing casual attire.


Trump called out Adam Schiff early Friday morning.

Schiff, who is leading the massive investigation into President Trump’s finances and personal life, and Simpson, one of the key figures who helped Hillary push her phony Russia dossier to the DOJ and FBI both insisted to John Solomon that they only met briefly last summer.

Under House Committee rules, there is nothing illegal about Schiff’s meeting with Glenn Simpson, however, Schiff hit Devin Nunes with an ethics investigation last year for much less.

Schiff hit Nunes with an 8-month long investigation for meeting with a source outside of the committee, calling it “a dead-of-night-excursion” because the committee was not informed.

John Solomon taunted Schiff on Thursday and asked, “Did Adam Schiff’s attack on Devin Nunes boomerang?”

On Thursday, Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) told CBS that after over two years of investigation, there is zero evidence Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians.

Burr’s remarks to CBS come as House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff launched a massive investigation into President Trump’s finances and personal life.

Trump has had it with endless investigations into his campaign, inauguration, finances and personal life and unleashed on his Twitter account Thursday, calling it “presidential harassment.”

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