Oscars Stage Designed to Look Like Trump’s Hair?

When you see it.

Liberals were triggered Sunday night when they realized that the Oscars stage resembled Trump’s hair.

Twitter users pointed out that the stage resembled Donald Trump’s signature gold, over-the-top hairdo.

“Is the Oscars stage inspired by Trump’s hair?” another Twitter user asked.


The New York Post reported that the stage which was created by Tony-nominated Broadway production designer David Korins, of “Hamilton” — was supposed to represent “inclusion and humanity, femininity and beauty.”

“I don’t see that, but I think that people see in artistic endeavors all sorts of things,” Korins said when asked about the resemblance by the LA Times on Sunday.

“You look at paintings and sculpture and architecture and people see what they want to see,” he added. “The world is filled with hard lines and straight lines and us-and-thems, and I really wanted people to feel like this was an asymmetrical, warm, undulating art installation that was installed in this theater.”

Hollywood hates Trump and they can’t shut up about him — even during their awards ceremonies where they fawn over each other and spew Marxist platitudes.

Trump-hating director Spike Lee urged the audience to “do the right thing” in the upcoming 2020 election on Sunday night.

Another Trump-hating actor wore a ‘tuxedo gown’ on the red carpet to ‘resist Trump.’

President Trump is everywhere — he lives rent free in their heads — they even subconsciously design stages to look like his hair!

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