Official Swedish Welcome Sign to City of Gävle Features Woman in Hijab with Connections to ISIS Mosque

Guest post by Peter Imanuelsen, more commonly known as PeterSweden

A billboard featuring a woman in hijab welcoming motorists to the Swedish city of Gävle has caused outrage on social media.

It turns out that the woman on the billboard named Suzan Hindi has connections to a Salafist extremist Mosque which has urged followers to donate money to support terrorism – And now this woman is one of the people featured to represent the Swedish city!

The Al-Rashideen Mosque in Gävle has a long history of extremism. A Qatari organisation bought a Methodist church and changed it into the Mosque. One of the founders of the same organisation, Abd al-Rahman bin Umayr al-Nuaymi was revealed to have been one of the biggest financiers of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which later turned into ISIS. The man has since 2013 been on the terror list of the US, EU and UN.

In a 2009 article, Suzan Hind, the woman on the billboard (pictured above) told Arbetarbladet how thankful they are of the Mosque that was financed by the Qatari organisation. The woman has also given the newspaper a tour around the Mosque, explaining how men and women are separated.

Suzan Hind is also a writer for the organization Ibn Rushd which has previously been accused of radicalizing youths in Sweden. There has also been reports that the organization has connections with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Mosque is also known for its extremist Imam Abo Raad who in 2014 praised ISIS in a facebook post and encouraged followers to donate money. The Imam has also posted Youtube links to Abdullah Azzam talking about Jihad. He is one of the founders of Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden’s mentor.

People have witnessed in court that the Mosque in Gävle is collecting money to finance suicide bombers and that the Imam Abo Raad have prayed for them. According to sources to Gefle Dagblad, the Imam at the Mosque in Gävle is of interest to Swedish security services SÄPO.

The organisation Sveriges Imam Förbund with the same address as the Mosque has also received public funding from Sweden to “build bridges” and to combat “racism” and “Islamophobia”.

Part of this public funding went into the website which amongst other things said that it is forbidden to befriend non-believers and like them, and that it is forbidden to become part of non-believers societies. Also the word “kuffar” is regularly used to describe non-believers, a word that is mainly used by extremists.

The city of Gävle has defended this billboard saying that they were “careful to reflect the diversity of Gävle”.

However, Gävle MP Roger Hedlund of the right-wing Swedish Democrats criticized the billboard, saying that the hijab “reduce women to a simple sex object who must cover up in order not to arouse male desire”

The billboard is part of a PR campaign to celebrate that the city’s population passed 100,000 in 2017. The woman is one of 100 residents of Gävle nominated to represent the city.


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