NEW: DOJ Officials Say They Are NOT Expecting to Receive Mueller Report Next Week

Earlier this week, CNN reported that newly-confirmed Attorney General Bill Barr was preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of dirty cop Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

CNN reported Wednesday that AG Bill Barr plans to submit a summary of Mueller’s report to Congress as early as next week, but the timing of the announcement was subject to change.

DOJ officials are now saying they are not expecting to receive Mueller’s report next week.

Fox News producer Jake Gibson reported on Friday: A Senior DOJ official tells Fox News, “Any reporting that Special Counsel Mueller’s report will be delivered to the Department of Justice next week are incorrect.”


The President will be traveling to Vietnam next week to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to discuss denuclearization of North Korea so perhaps Mueller’s final report got pushed back.

Or… Mueller isn’t finished yet and is planning on indicting more of Trump’s associates on process crimes.

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In early January, Beryl Howell, the Obama-appointed federal judge of the DC District Court who oversees Mueller’s grand jury, issued the 23-person jury a six-month extension which means his inquisition could go well into Spring and even Summer.

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