Laurentiu Rebega: Europe Needs Trump

Guest post by Laurentiu Rebega, MEP to EU Parliament for Romania

Europe has been awakened from its somnolence by the vigor and determination with which US President Donald Trump has changed the face of America and indeed, the entire world.

European leaders still do not know how to react to US economic growth, achieved so fast by the current president; to his decision to control immigration; and, especially, to the absolutely justified desire to implement a pro-US policy, instead of one dictated by other countries interests.


This is true greatness.

Europe needs Trump in order to wake up from its romantic dreams that, if you fill the continent with non-European immigrants, they will embrace European values and work in peace and friendship with the natives.

This obviously is not and will not happen.

Europe needs Trump in order to re-learn how to do politics, instead of winding endless tales from which no one understands anything, and no one takes any firm decisions.

It also needs Trump in order to learn the value of the national state and policies based on the community called the “nation,” a concept that some leaders in Brussels want forgotten.
This is because, in Europe, there is only the German nation, and possibly, another two or three, who want to please and appease Berlin.

The rest were disbanded, so they would not be able to have a say to the reigning EU ruling elite.

Every nation in Europe needs a president or prime minister like Donald Trump.

It needs a president that puts their nation first and fights for the interests of those who voted them!

The European Union as a whole needs, after the May 2019 elections, a European Commission President on the very same model.

One who is not afraid to save Europe from the endless waves of non-European immigrants.

One who will keep the promises made to voters and encourages real economic growth.

One who understands that Europe needs the US as it always needed it throughout the twentieth century.

Finally, one who does not fear adversity and challenges when reforming Europe and puts it on the right path.

God only knows there are enough influential and people bureaucrats who would like things to remain unchanged and frozen over time, even if this would mean a bankrupt Europe.

They want their own power more than anything.

These EU globalists need to be removed.

That is why the elections for the European Parliament in May 2019 are essential for the European Union, because then we will decide whether or not we will have a future in freedom.

And to re-put the Union on an ascendant path, we must learn from President Trump the true values of politics and the way in which just one man, when he is backed by the legitimate wishes and expectations of millions of citizens, can change the course of history — for the better.

Millions and millions of citizens across the European Union expect a change in Europe.

They demand nothing less.

We just have to find the leader and leaders who are willing to take us ahead on this overwhelming but achievable task.

Thank you, President Donald J. Trump, for setting the example.

Laurentiu Rebega, MEP to EU Parliament for Romania

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