JUST IN: Far-Left CA Gov. Gavin Newsom to Pull National Guard Troops From Border with Mexico

Far-left California Governor Gavin Newsom will announce plans Monday to pull National Guard troops from the US border with Mexico, NBC News reported

Gavin Newsom says California will not be a part of the Trump administration’s “manufactured crisis.”

According to NBC, Newsome will redirect the 360 National Guard troops to fight wildfires and collect intel on drug cartels.


Last week, New Mexico also announced they will be pulling National Guard troops from their border with Mexico, claiming President Trump was just “fear-mongering” to deploy troops in the first place.

Gavin Newsom, the newly-elected Democrat Governor of California promised “sanctuary for all who seek it” during his inauguration ceremony.

President Trump has deployed over 4,000 National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border since April of 2018 — this is in addition to the 5,000 active duty troops deployed to border towns as well.

Unfortunately the troops cannot arrest illegal aliens, they are there to assist border patrol.

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