Joe Biden Demands Rock Star Treatment at His $150K Speaking Gig – Pasta Pomodoro, Sorbet with Biscotti


Former Vice President Joe Biden demanded rock star treatment at his $150,000 speaking gig in Ft. Lauderdale Florida last month.

Biden was paid $150,000 for his appearance at the Broward Center last month where attendees paid anywhere from $50 to $150.

VIP tickets were priced at $300 which included premium seats and a chance to meet creepy hands Biden.


The questions were controlled — it was described as a “moderated discussion” and questions had to be submitted to Biden’s team two weeks in advance, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Map Light, a nonprofit organization that dives deep into money in politics obtained Biden’s contract and rider showing his demands.

Map Light’s Andrew Perez pointed out that instead of announcing for president and asking everyone for donations, Biden has been doing campaign style events where he can personally collect $150,000.

Biden demanded ‘angel hair pomodoro,’ Caprese salad, raspberry sorbet with biscotti. Biden also requested mixed nuts and a fruit plate as snacks and Coke Zero, regular Coke, orange Gatorade and black coffee to drink.

Joe Biden has not officially announced his 2020 presidential bid, but his own brother insists the former Vice President will throw his hat into the ring in 2020.

Biden is using these speeches as a way to build suspense and perhaps test the 2020 waters to see how many people he can pack into a stadium — and to bilk hundreds of thousands of dollars from gullible liberals.

Joe Biden is your typical far-left politician — ivory towers, jet-setting, fancy meals and rock star treatment for him — but Americans should live a life of mediocrity, use food stamps, and work minimum wage jobs.

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